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I am so tired, yet today was a good day. I'm not going to give you a blow by blow account, but here's some highlights:

- We ended up not taking a quiz in Communication. (Yay!) My professor took up all of the class time reviewing a new chapter. So instead we have an exam on Thursday. I study pretty much every day anyway so that's no biggie.

- My friend Holly is editor of the school newspaper this year. That's a lot of fun because we're both on the debate team as well.

Had a little bit of a scare, though. We were talking about classes and she happened to pick up a course selection book on the table beside her, and looked up our major. According to this book, I still need three more lab sciences, one social science, a journalism course, and a statistics course! I hope that the book is outdated or in some way wrong. Because, if I'm doing the math correctly, with those courses in mind, I'd probably end up with 6 courses to take next spring. This is after the speech, communication, algebra, english, history, and lab science courses I've already taken, plus the ones I'm in now. I need to talk to my advisor tomorrow to clear this all up. *Please let the book be wrong...Please let the book be wrong...*

- In theatre, we read a play called The Zoo Story over the weekend. We read it in class out loud. Since the play has only two male parts, my professor(we call him Bren)picked two guys that he thought could pull it off. One of them was doing really well, but the other was another story. The other guy was reading the damn thing like it was a book report. No feeling, and no particular attention to punctuation. The class was utterly bored, and getting increasingly annoyed after repeated times of correcting him. So I volunteered. Then the end of the play didn't seem so far away.

And on that note... that's about it for now. I gotta go to dinner.
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