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Fecking hell...

It turns out that the course selection book was right after all, and the situation was worse than I thought. I have to take NINE classes after this semester is complete. That means I can't graduate with my classmates in May. I'm pretty much all done with my General Education requirements, with the exception of some science and math.

I'm a Communication major, and this is what I need JUST to get my Associate's Degree.

Gen. Ed:

Math 19 or 25
Statistics or Modern College Math

2 Behavioral/Social Sciences

1 Lab Science

Program Courses:

COM 12
News Writing/Reporting

COM 40
Organizational Communication


4 Electives (out of the following)
COM 41
COM 42
COM 57
COM 59
COM 51
CED 11 (?)
ART 50
CIS 10 (?)
ECN 11 (Economics)
ECN 12
ENG 30
MAR 11 (?)
MAR 55 (?)
SPH (Speech)
THE 16 (Theatre)
THE 21
COM 60

Each one of those electives is worth 1 measly credit.

Jesus H. Christ dancing the hula on a sled!

The reason for all this?

In the beginning of my first semester, I had this advisor (who isn't the one I have now, she's great) who misadvised me to take Speech before my first program course, which I'm taking now. This caused a lot of hassle and last spring my actual advisor had to write a special note to the dean so I could do the program courses kind of backwards. This same thing happened to a good friend of mine, too.

Add to this that in my algebra class I had that same semester, I had a professor who hardly spoke any English. I ended up with a D in her course. I didn't find out until I was REGISTERING FOR SPRING CLASSES that I didn't have an average high enough to move on the next required math. So now I'm re-taking algebra, and that will hold me back too.

*Sigh* This is reason #4884065968 as to why I hate systems.

In other, more positive news:

I attended a MASSPIRG/Water Watch meeting. I signed up to do the education part of it. This means that my coordinator will develop a lesson plan for me to teach to kids in Kindergarten through 3rd grade. It sounds like fun and I want to become more involved.

That's all for now, kiddies.
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